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Good news for you ! The is a great way to lose weight with out slowing your metabolism. Juice fast is great way to detoxify the body, as well as to lose weight and fat. By following some rules, you can lose the weight instead of gaining weight. Juice fast helps you to reduce calories, which results in losing weight. When ever you are fasting,you have to get equal amount of nutrients to your body. Its important to use freshly prepared juices to get the nutrients that you need. Make sure to get all sort of vitamins and nutrients and mainly don’t focus on citrus fruits.

It is important to get vegetable juice to your body, and not just fruit juice. If you purchase any of the juices which are pre made,make sure that they are plain and organic. And no sugar or preservatives are added,which will make the body away from detoxifying during the juice  fast . Make sure you get at least 800 calories each day. If you want around 1200 calories at least 5 days out of 7 days,it will prevent damage to your metabolism. Even though if you drink lots of juices,don’t forget to drink 8 glasses  of water . Juice fast keeps your body slim and provides you variety of vitamins. You can do juice fast by mixing all the fruits and vegetables.

And to obtain one cup of juice you have to use several fruits which contains different varieties of vitamins and amino acids. The concentration of carbohydrate is higher than the other normal juices. Juice fast keeps your hormones in a balanced way. Watermelon juice fast helps in lowering fat mass and controls blood sugar levels. Juice fast should not be followed for more than three days. Prolonged juice fast can lead to vary serious complications such as malnutrition, allergies and fatigue. These juices are of high nutritional values and helps you to remain active for the whole day. Several types of vitamins are present in fruits.

Some vitamins gives you a guaranteed colour complexion to your face and body. Specially during  juice fast take vitamin c in high amounts to improve the skin colour. Also it gives you resistance to remain active and it takes less energy to digest the food. The juice fast helps in eliminating the mucous forming foods in the diet such as refined flour, fibre foods etc. ,It removes dead cells on the body and face to keep your self clean from all the toxins which results in the beautiful skin. Juice fast lightens the marks and acne on the face for a glowing skin. Juice fast is a power regeneration process. Thanks for reading the post.

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