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When you are struggling to keep your energy levels on high and you just feel like your entire physical appearance is unraveling before you, don’t be alarmed. Everyone hits these periods in their life where they feel sluggish, gain weight for no particular reason, suffer from bad skin and indigestion and the list goes on. You do not have to be a victim to these symptoms any longer as there is a solution to reversing these symptoms so that you regain your youth, your energy and yourself again. It comes to no surprise that we all suffer from an unbalanced digestive system. There are many reasons for this including erratic schedules, unhealthy eating choices, irregular workout schedules and much more. In most cases, it is nearly impossible to balance these situations consistently so that you are able to balance yourself. However, we have a solution that allows you to balance your entire core and enhance your digestive tract so that it works at peak performance without having to disrupt your daily life. Your body will become more receptive to your nutrient intake from food, drinks and supplements.

Most people have been led to believe that the key to an excellent digestive health is the probiotic but it turns out that the real key to digestive health is actually what we call prebiotic. Prebiotics are all natural foods that help your body to: Prebiotics are naturally occurring and can be found in fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables. Probiotics are not naturally occurring unless they ferment in yogurt or kimchee. Even in these cases, the effects are minimal on the digestive tract. In fact, the European Food Safety Authority has even rejected 180 health claims  because the facts about probiotics simply don’t add up. These health claims lack real, empirical evidence. If anything, probiotics add bacteria to your bodily system which may or may not be needed at an uncontrollable rate. Why Your Digestive System Is Important to Optimal Health Studies regarding the health of the digestive tract show that when the main components of your digestive system are balanced, such as the phenolic compounds, enzymes, prebiotics and soluble fibers, the body is able to function with more ease and efficiently.

This balance promotes the immune system and ones overall health. Yet, when there is an unbalance or a lack of a certain component, the digestive system is hit the hardest and is unable to function at its peak performance. The rate of how many Americans suffer from digestive problems is alarming. A whopping 100 million people suffer from digestive problems, with 60 million of them having acid reflux. 2. 5 million people visit doctors each year due to constipation while Indigestion and IBS affect nearly 15% of Westerners. Where To Get Your Prebiotics ? You can receive your intake of prebiotics from foods such as: But taking prebiotic supplements can be easier and in many cases more effective to use.

Natural prebiotics are gentle on the bodily system and promote good bacteria in the body while reducing the growth rate of malicious bacteria. Because of this, your body will begin to regenerate, feel better and healthier almost immediately. As soon as the reproduction of the bad bacteria ceases you are able to regain your old, vibrant self again. Amazingly, bacteria that is drug resistant such as E. coli and S. aureus (staph infection) can be contained with the use of prebiotics. Why Kiwi Fruit is An Amazing Prebiotic Food ? Believe it or not, it is actually the phenolics that are found in the outer skin of kiwifruit that make prebiotics so powerful. The skin of a kiwi consist of small molecules that are powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants keep you looking young and healthy by preventing the growth of bad bacteria in the body.

As long as your body is being protected, there is no need for it to continue to work so hard eradicating bad bacteria. This allows the body to properly digest proteins and keep them moving along the body rather than staying trapped in the digestive tract. There are also enzymes (another key component for a proper and healthy digestive system) found in the pulp of a kiwi that promote the digestion of proteins. Combining the enzymes and the antioxidants in a kiwi, these natural prebiotics are able to let the good bacteria blossom in the body while providing a natural defense against harsh degenerative diseases. And don’t forget about the soluble fiber. There is soluble fiber located in the skin and pulp of a kiwi that helps to improve the overall function of the bowel. Numerous studies have examined the impact of prebiotics on both digestive and non digestive diseases. In both cases, the results have been positive.

Such diseases the prebiotics help to alleviate symptoms include: The impacts on preventing colds, allergic disorders like atopic dermatitis, gingivitis, dental caries and postoperative infections have also been studied and concluded with positive notes. Once your entire bodily system is working in order, the body is able to work at peak performance and run like an efficient machine. You will incur less health problems and continue to lead a healthy and happy life. What are the Benefits of Prebiotics? There are numerous benefits of using prebiotic supplements in addition to the promotion of a good digestive system. Leading experts in the field also conclude that prebiotics are excellent at relieving symptoms of IBS. Prebiotics help to calm and relieve the digestive tract, increase its performance and improve your immune system since 80 percent of your immunity derives from your GI. By taking care of your core with prebiotics, you are able to benefit from regular bowel movements, weight loss, clear skin, reducing the smell of gas odors and much more.

Why Not Eat a Kiwi Every Day? So now you may be asking yourself why you should take prebiotic supplements rather than just eating a kiwi every morning with your breakfast. Eating kiwis every day in order to receive the same health benefits as a supplement is extremely difficult to fulfill, even for the  most health oriented and conscience people. In order to take advantage of the fiber benefits, you would need to eat anywhere from 2 to 4 whole kiwis per day, every day, including the skin. This can be quite challenging for most to satisfy on an ongoing basis. The next challenge is to not only find two to four kiwis to eat every day, you would need to find ripe ones. The importance of eating ripe kiwis is that most of the important enzymes do not fully develop in the kiwi until it is ripe. Most farmers pick kiwis before it is fully ripe, diminishing its health benefits.

As the kiwi begins to go bad, the opposite happens, the enzymes degrade. This means that you must find peak kiwis. Therefore, the best solution is an all natural supplement called Kiwi-Klenz. This is not your ordinary kiwi based supplement. This prebiotic is processed using a superior proprietary processing system known as AquaPure®. By using this system, all of the important key components in the kiwi and in maintaining a healthy digestive system stay intact including the soluble fiber, enzymes and phenolic compounds. The seeds, skin and pulp of the fruit are all concentrated into this powerful supplement which is easier to take than 4 kiwis per day and the results appear in as little as a few days. Xtend-life, a New Zealand based natural health company, produces this supplement and maintains the integrity of the ingredients.

You will not find any added solvents, detrimental chemicals, heavy metals or pesticides that you can often find in supplements from other companies. Plus, Digesten-K is made from kiwi produced at sustainable farms and its production does not have a negative impact on the environment. They are dedicated to their environment. Another perk of using Digesten-K from Xtend-life is that they do not even use gelatin to encapsulate the supplement, it is completely vegetarian and safe for the human system. It is actually the only true 100% natural digestive supplement that works to completely balance your digestive tract fully and safely. Many people may believe that psyllium is the same as one of our supplements but it’s not. Kiwi-Klenz is so concentrated that is has more soluble fiber than pure pysillium husks. It also has three times the amount of bioactives compared to any kiwi powder formulas.

One capsule of Digesten-K per day will show extraordinary benefits and results. You will regain your energetic levels within the first couple of days. There may be a small adjustment in the first few days to taking Digesten-K as the bacteria in your body goes through a cleansing and rebalancing process. Afterwards, you will become more youthful, energetic and feel your stronger immune system. Xtend-Life is so confident in their product that you will have a 6 month guarantee from Xtend-life to prove to you that Kiwi-Klenz is not only the best product supplement out there for you but it is also the most effective. Learn about Kiwi-Klenz, try it out and then start enjoying your new life with a healthier body and mind, with just one natural supplement a day.

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